Endowment Funds

Directly fund nutrition and cancer research throughout your lifetime and beyond through these special gifts.

Establishing a New Endowment:  Creating an endowment fund is a great way to directly support cancer research programs at AICR. The annual distribution from the endowment will directly support AICR research grants. An endowment fund may be established in a family’s name or in the name of a loved one and will support vital cancer research long into the future.

The minimum amount required to establish a new endowment with the Institute is $10,000 with the understanding that future gifts will be added to the fund over one’s lifetime and/or through his or her estate to ensure the growth of the fund to exceed $100,000. An endowed fund may be restricted to a particular type of cancer research, such as colorectal, breast or prostate cancer.

Contributing to an Existing Endowment:
 You can also make a contribution to an existing endowment fund. There is no minimum gift amount if a donor wishes to contribute to these funds. Existing endowment funds at AICR include:

The Regina Madden Johnston Endowment
The Dorothy E. Ball Endowment
The Chi-Fong and Whei-Quen Hsu Yeh Endowment
The Ludolf Scherbpier Memorial Research Endowment
The Diana Dyer Cancer Survivors’ Nutrition Research Endowment

AICR Cancer Research Fund

A contribution can also be made to the AICR Cancer Research Fund. This donor-restricted research fund was established in 1999. There is no minimum gift requirement if you wish to contribute to the Cancer Research Fund. Giving to the Cancer Research Fund is a wonderful way to earmark money for research purposes only.

Establishing a Memorial Fund
Creating a fund in memory of a loved one provides a lasting memorial and directly supports cancer research programs at AICR.  The minimum amount required to establish a new Memorial Fund is $5,000.00.

Contributing to an Existing Fund

You can also make a contribution to an existing Memorial Fund. There is no minimum gift if a donor wishes to contribute to these funds.

Sharon Karpel Kleiman Memorial Fund
Mary Jane O’Malley Memorial Fund
The Banya Biswas Memorial Fund

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