• Women’s Estate Planning Study Course

A Short Course in Estate Planning

Women who fail to plan their estates often create unnecessary burdens and uncertainties for their families. Many of our friends have told us they would like to learn more about estate planning – including ways that they might be able to help their families while providing for our programs in the future. These inquiries have prompted The University of San Francisco to make available a helpful educational program: the Women’s Estate Planning Study Course.

How Does the Women’s Estate Planning Study Course Work?

We will e-mail you a series of four easy-to-read lessons – each consisting of ideas and information on estate planning, plus a short quiz to test what you have learned.

Here are the four lessons you will receive:

Lesson 1: Will Planning for Women
Lesson 2: Protecting Your Loved Ones
Lesson 3: Practical Concerns in Your Estate Planning
Lesson 4: Your Legacy to Future Generations

You can also receive comprehensive booklets, including Estate Planning for Women, When the Time Comes, Family Focused Estate Planning and Personal Affairs Record.

How Would I Benefit from the Estate Planning Study Course?

As you study the Estate Planning Study Course lessons, you may discover ideas that will save your family thousands of dollars, both now and in the future. Most importantly, by putting your new knowledge into practice, you will gain the peace of mind that comes with having an up-to-date, workable estate plan.

You may find that you need to update your will, or establish a trust to protect your spouse, children or other special beneficiaries. State or federal estate taxes, probate costs and even income taxes may be a threat to your family’s future security, but we’ll show you ways you can reduce this estate depletion.

Begin Your Free Estate Planning Study Course today

Lesson 1 follows. Start the study course and rate the efficiency of your current estate plan. Take the quiz, then send for your free booklet.

Here’s What You Receive

  • Four Short Lessons – We’ve provided an abundance of useful information in this series – written in plain English! Self-tests at the end of each lesson reinforce important concepts.

  • Comprehensive Resource Materials – In addition to the wealth of information provided in our new study course, you can also request the following free booklets via email:

    • Estate Planning for Women – addressing the special needs and objectives of women, footnoted with tax and legal references for your advisers;

    • When the Time Comes – a guide for married couples on preparing to be a surviving spouse;

    • Family Focused Estate Planning – a thoughtful exploration of all the family issues that surround estate planning, including an “heir-fair” distribution of your estate;

    • Personal Affairs Record – Friends of USF who complete the four lessons will receive this booklet designed for keeping a valuable record of your important family, estate and financial information. It’s an effective tool for estate planning and a vital guide for the person who serves as your executor.

Because estate planning is so important, we are extending this special invitation to take part in our new home-study course. There is absolutely no cost to you for enrolling. Just fill out the enrollment form below.


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