Gifts of significance that everyone can accomplish

What if it were possible to make a gift of "startling significance," the kind of contribution many benefactors of St. Bonaventure would like to make? We're talking about gifts that truly make a difference, that ensure a level of support that magnifies St. Bonaventure's ability to fulfill our Franciscan Catholic mission . . . and multiplies your personal satisfaction and recognition.

Strange as it may sound, a gift of "startling significance" often can be made at very low cost. It's just a matter of planning WHAT to give, HOW to give and WHEN to give. The information on these pages illustrates many ways of making a "planned gift," a gift from your estate, a gift that works for you and your family and benefits St. Bonaventure University. Our staff can help. Just call or e-mail our office.

Contact Information:
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St. Bonaventure, NY 14778
(800) 664-1273, opt. #2

Robert F. Keenan Robert F. Keenan, ’74
Associate Director of Planned Giving