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Personal Planning Ideas

Estate Planning as an Expression of Love
Why do people create wills and other estate plans?  Almost always it’s because of family, friends and the charities they support . . . more

How Can I Include Charity in My Estate Plan?
Q. I’ve found that I can increase my support for charity by directly contributing appreciated stocks . . . more

Retirement Fund Gifts and Other Beneficiary Designations
An IRA, 401(k) plan, 403(b) plan or other retirement account may be the ideal vehicle for a tax-wise legacy to charity . . . more

The High Cost of Not Planning Your Estate
“I don’t need estate planning; I’m not rich enough to own an estate.  Besides, I don’t want to pay a lot of legal fees” . . . more

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February 2019 Archive
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January 2019 Archive
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December 2018 Archive
• Differences Ahead
• There's Still Time
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November 2018 Archive
• Planning for This Year . . . and Next
• Caution: Inheritances Ahead
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• Get a Deduction for Doing Nothing

October 2018 Archive
• Stock for a Gift Annuity: A Great Trade
• Creative Year-End Giving Ideas
• Six Ways Your Estate Plan Can Go Out of Date
• The High Cost of Not Having a Will

September 2018 Archive
• Still Time to Make 2018 Better
• Six Reasons to Have a Will
• Buy? Sell? Ask Questions First
• Financial Communication Also Important in a Marriage

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