Personal Planning Ideas

Top Three Assets for Lifetime Charitable Gifts
Many people simply write checks when contributing to charity ... more

Bonds Offer Gift Opportunities
Bonds are interest-paying I.O.U.s that corporations and government agencies offer to investors looking for fixed income ... more

Make Beneficiary Forms Work for You
The beneficiary forms associated with life insurance, retirement accounts, certificates of deposit and other financial arrangements are often basic, one-size-fits-all documents ... more

How Do Wills and Trusts Differ?
A will is the traditional way for people to direct who eventually receives their assets ... more

Fall 2021 Archive
• Cinderella and Estate Planning
• Creative Ways To Give and Receive
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Summer 2021 Archive
• The Versatile Living Trust
• Don’t Let Your Estate Plan Get a Failing Grade
• Sharing Stock Market Success
• Endowments: Gifts That Keep On Giving

Spring 2021 Archive
• Gold, Silver and Bronze—All Are Winners
• Learning to Speak Estate Planning
• Psst ... Here’s the Secret Password
• Squeezing Cash from Collectibles

Winter 2021 Archive
• Giving Opportunities Extended Through 2021
• Wills Are for Everyone
• Planning Tips for 2021
• QCDs and IRAs Don’t Mix

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