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“I wish I could do more.”

That's the comment we often hear from friends of CHI Memorial when they make gifts to assist in our programs.

What if it were possible to make a gift of "startling significance," the kind of contribution many friends of CHI Memorial Foundation would like to make, if there were just some way to do it? We're talking about gifts that truly make a difference, that ensure a level of support that magnifies our ability to fulfill our mission . . . and multiplies your personal satisfaction and recognition.

Strange as it may sound, a gift of "startling significance" often can be made at very low cost. It's just a matter of planning WHAT to give, HOW to give and WHEN to give. The information on these pages illustrates many ways of making a "planned gift," and our staff can be of even more help. Just call or e-mail our office.

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Jenny Nicely

Jennifer Nicely, CFRE
Foundation President & Chief Development Officer

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